Guadalupe and Revelation

I have never been a huge Marian aficionado. Perhaps because the Episcopal church where I grew up wasn’t especially Anglo-Catholic leaning, or maybe because I misunderstood the adoration of the virgin as a displacement of Jesus. Regardless, Mary was a figure who I enjoyed reading about in the Bible, but not a source of personal devotion. Since beginning this ministry at La Capilla (de SANTA MARIA!) I have been in contact with an entirely different relationship with Mary than the one in which I grew accustomed. For many of our folks, Mary is the uber-Christian; a shining example of how we all should relate to the divine’s desire to bring forth life. Mary gives birth to the Christ by allowing God to move through her; she is the embodied harmony of human and divine in that she allows God into her life, into the most intimate reaches of her soul. We who seek to follow her son can look at her human gift to his incarnation and search for ways in which we too can bring the human and divine worlds together in our own lives.


I write about this today because the reading from Revelation talks about the mysterious woman who is clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of stars above her. This image is how the Virgin of Guadalupe is portrayed traditionally. You can learn more about her story here. In our house we have a wooden statue of the Virgin that watches patiently over our dinner table. What is her role for Anglican/Episcopalian Christians? How have you experienced Mary in your own faith development? As Advent nears, I am curious to hear and discover who Mary is to you, and I continue to discern how her example can inform my own choices regarding divine invitation and hospitality.

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