Diocesan Convention

This evening until mid-day Saturday, our diocese will be gathering for our annual convention.  I am always thankful to be at our diocesan convention; it is a reminder of why I feel at home here.  We take care of business and get the work of the diocese done, but the fellowship always takes the lead in our interaction.  We view and have treated it as a reunion that helps us stay connected to each other, rather than a chance to sow division.

Many important decisions lie in front of us.  This is the first year that my compensation is part of the diocesan budget, so delegates will be voting with it clearly in front of them.  How’s that for transparency?  We will continue to discuss our companion diocese relationship, our diocesan ministries and communion -wide connections, and we will eat and drink together.  We will elect new members of committees and deputies for General Convention.  That Convention will likely determine how we as a national church will behave toward dioceses like Pittsburgh who are currently seeking to disassociate with Episcopalians and forge some new religious territory that privileges power over people and the projection of purity over the power of the gospel.  Our diocese will be part of the pastoral care and our deputies will make votes and relay information to our churches.

But with all that, I am most looking forward to seeing my friends.  Wil Keith is coming in from Sewanee, I’m going to be with Carlos for his first(and last) convention, I’m going to catch up with close and casual friends alike.  Should be great and I’m ready for the spiritual side.

Since I will be there, I will be away from Cross+Words for  a few days.  Pray for us if you wish.



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