Back for the Attack

Oh yeah, it’s a Dokken song from the late eighties, but 2008 is gonna ROCK!

Overboard I know, but after having an extremely long layoff I had to do something semi-spectacular.   After the Posadas before Christmas, we enjoyed a relatively calm Navidad and then had a visit from some friends from Jamaica between the 26th and 1st, Todd Mayberry and Tatum Evans.  Jill and I went to their wedding in Jamaica almost two years ago and it was great to spend some extended, and less pressured, time together.  I took Todd hiking by John Rock, we all went to Dogwood Pasture at Warren Wilson, played a whole lot of music and recorded most of it, and went Disc golfing at Mars Hill.  So much fun and I really felt like I was on vacation.  Of course, that all ended the second they left.

These next few days promise to be some of the more challenging of my career.  Tomorrow night we will have the farewell dinner for Carlos Torres, our senior warden, at the Cathedral of All Souls.  Jill has worked so hard planning this event, and we are hoping it will be a numerical and financial success.  Carlos, his son, and I will leave for Vancouver on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I am sensing his emotion and reticence to leave now and it is particularly hard.  He wants so badly to tie up all these loose ends before he goes, but it is virtually impossible to do that. There will be no resolution to this situation; just a new beginning in a new country.

To top it all off, Aja’s 1st birthday is coming this Sunday on Epiphany.  I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone.  She is really in language acquisition mode these days and has started saying DA-Da a lot.  One of the more amazing things she can do (at least in my eyes) is identify people and things.  She knows and points to mommy, daddy, baba, abuelita, denali, and all the objects in Goodnight moon in both Spanish and English.  Pretty amazing. So, I will be back with a reflection on all these and more in the next few days.  I wish you all a blessed 2008 and many joys along the way.

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