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Hey all,

I have begun writing creatively and I can actually see some of this work making it into a larger form in the future.  While I am working on this in a different program, I thought, “Well, maybe this could be a way to open source a novel!”  So, although I may be the only one reading these, I invite your comments on this work in progress.  Perhaps we will end up crafting something together?! If not, I’ll just hold onto the text and try to make some money to pay off our family’s student loans.

Tentative idea:  A council of creatures/humans with special attributes are drawn toward each other to perform some monumental task.  I’m going for archetypes here but at the same time trying to avoid pure X-men.


Quick list of characters:  

Santiago:  Refugee whose relationship with freedom has given him the ability to vaporize/crystallize/water cycle state change.  Core principle behind him—By holding onto a central point of reference, he is able to disperse himself at will and his center point can draw back the pieces upon demand.

Frejia: Child born in midst of flower stand in market.  She has the ability/curse of drawing all things unto herself through a power I call vortex.  Like a black hole, she can pull all things her way; intentionally or not.  She is ultimately responsible for the council’s formation.

Grune:  A prisoner of the state.  Grune has the gift of manipulation objects.  He can wield almost everything as a weapon and his ability to “objectify” things gives him control over various classes of objects, including people.  I have an idea that Santiago will one day release Grune from his prison cell.

Doulos Dominic:  This priest-ish figure has the gift of neutralization.  He is able to harmonize divergent elements and is virtually immune to attack because of his countering abilities.

Hermit Nicolas:  An anchorite whose gift is silence.  He is able to employ a silence field that disrupts the sonic receptors of those unaccustomed to silence.  Through this gift, he is able to disorient attackers and gain a certain level of camouflaged invisibility.

Hera:  Like her Greek counterpart in many ways, but I also see her as a Virgen de Guadalupe figure.  She falls in love with a man named Zeus who eventually tricks her into submitting to an experiment in which she gains the ability to morph into a mantis.  This is not without drawbacks of course, but her mantis form is extremely volatile and unpredictable. So that’s it for now.


I am going to post what I have written so far for each character and let you suggest how we could play this out.  If you don’t want to decide but would rather me do it, just say so!   Without further ado, here is the first entry for Santiago.


I was always taught that freedom had value.  That it was something tangible, divinely given, and inherently good.  This was my dream and I have worked 58 long years only to realize that freedom is an illusion, at least for human beings.  If I were a bird, or better yet a butterfly, I might know freedom.  My enemies would hunt me still, but at least I would be free to come and go as I pleased, free to take  a current until it saw fit to fail, free to roam the air above the earth unhindered.  As it stands, I am a prisoner because I am human.  I can not fly.  I can not walk.  The country known as the paragon of freedom seeks my exclusion.  Though I build its walls, and pad its coffers, I am unwelcome to partake of its freedom.  Freedom is for eagles, monarchs, and the delusional.  I am human.  I am unwanted.  I am Santiago.

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