Frejia’s First Section

Remember: she has the vortex/black hole gift/charism. 

As sad bells tolled in a smoldering gray sky, an eight pound three ounce creation gasped and drew the world unto herself.  Frejia was only seconds old when she realized that, if she so desired, she could remain unmoved her whole life, and still have the entire world at her disposal.  Somewhere deep within her was a unforgiving vortex that pulled with a gravity unknown to those around her.  Her parents, Abbas and Marina, though the first to experience it, were not the first to notice it.  Amidst the bruised petals of yesterday’s cut flowers, Frejia tossed and turned, and the rocking motion began the inward turning that would never stop while she walked the earth.  The street stand where Abbas brought the gladiolis, and iris, and hydrangea blossoms from Marina’s secret garden began to shake. An old, cane wielding, customer witnessed the stall rocking so hard its corners started to lift off the cobbles.  He was the first.  Under a deep brimmed hat, eyes gray with age yet crisply quick, the old man stared at the flower stand while he, and the entire contents of the marketplace moved inches closer to the new, vibrant life within. 

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