A Letter to Fear

You have made us become that which you fear most.  

Choosing to resist you, we fail because you do not suffer resistance as a means to reform.  Choosing to sit idly by, we fail because you will run until we are all silenced.  Choosing to negotiate we have lost the vision that once called us.  Is there no escape from this road? 

I have given up trying to convince you because you have determined to always be the convincer.  Never will your thirst be met, never will the road you etch be one that leads to satisfaction and peace.  War, War, War in the air.  Where we offer a hand, you raise the sword.  What will that sword do when we all are cut down under the bending of your will? Upon whom will it turn next to feed its eternal wanderbloodlust?  All that will be left at the end of your game is the focus you have steadily, wastefully spent upon yourself.  Alone you will wander a beat and dusty land.

So be gone from this earth and do not ever come back!  You are not welcome to inhabit my brothers and sisters any longer.  WE have no need of you because you only lead to death, ruin, and bitter solitude.


We ask for peace.  We beg for equality. We stand up to your devices and cut you down with the sword of love.  A love without equal because it is not singular.  Love that makes the heart race and reach for FULLER peace and FULLER harmony.  Love in its purest essence, love supreme.

This love will never end as well, but its eternal quality envelops your stretch of time spent in games, subterfuge, and dishonesty.  It will arise the moment you lay down your arms and open them to the fullness of love.  It will arise whether you do this willingly or unwillingly.  We are ready and willing to walk in this way with you.

Let our deeds be your awakening, and may we act in a way that leads to truth.

Let our eyes be opened to see you as the person you are, the goodness that has stitched you and woven us each into this abundant tapestry of life.  May our mutual goals be satisfied, not ours at the exclusion of yours, nor yours at ours.  Banish our stubborn blindnesses; drive our seeking hearts toward reconciliation and the oasis of peace.

Let the angel stand guard at the gate.  Let the fire of love never die.  Let freedom from fear be.

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