Things you just don’t read in church…

I forget about passages like Exodus 4:24-26 until I am forced to encounter them.  Thanks Bible Challenge!

After being told by God to go back to Egypt and announce the liberation of the Hebrews to a relutant Pharaoh (and the Hebrews themselves), Moses and his wife Zipporah get apparently assaulted by God on the road.  A very strange passage to say the least.  Why would the God who has just empowered Moses, seek to end his life?

I found this link that offers some textual and interpretive light on this little gem.  Check it out here:

For my own part, after reading this, I see this passage almost like Genesis 32:22-32 (Jacob wrestles at Peniel).  Is circumcision (the mark of the promise) what Moses has to wrestle with in this passage (whether it be for himself or for his son Gershom)?  Jacob asks for the name of God after wrestling, which Moses received in Exodus 3:14.  Is Moses now to receive God’s blessing through wrestling with this covenant requirement?

If you know of any other resources that might elucidate this passage please let me know!

While the theme of slavery/liberation rightly overshadows details like this episode in the book of Exodus, part of the joy of a daily practice like this is the opportunity to “wrestle” with the particulars.  Let’s just say that I am thankful our wrestling doesn’t require such blood sacrifices to determine the outcome!

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