Thinking about home

Asked to speak for Wednesday Advent service, which means I have too many things to say and not enough time to say them.

So here is one of the pieces that doesn’t fit, but is no less true:

In the quiet of winding down my life on this continent slowly—so slowly, in fact, that people are regularly surprised that I’m still here—I have been given such an abundant gift of time to meditate on the mystery of the daily life of our little, faithful, Episcopal community. As Michael promised me ten years ago in our little weekly formation group, these words have become the words of my heart, these seasons frame my thoughts. And as Muff so wisely called it, we sure are some “free range lambs”.

We have prepared so many tables full of bread and wine and soup and lemonade and I have been blessed to hold the cup of our wholeness, the blood of the new covenant, to the lips of you, my sweetest and dearest friends. We have sought Christ and served all kinds of people and loved our neighbors, be they farmworkers or college football fans. We have confessed our sins and taken hold of our forgivenesses, we have been challenged by the holy orders that Michael and Alice and others lived out among us, and we have buried what will always be too many of our friends and family. We have been showered with holy water whether we liked it or not and renewed our fight for justice in our time, prayed for peace among all people, and we have upheld and respected the dignity in every human being including the ones who post things to Facebook without spell checking.

If I know how to be in relationship at all–how to begin to love well what is mine and let go of what is not mine–it is because I have seen you do it first.

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